Sunday, 31 August 2014


The Nigerian military are reportedly fighting for Gwoza, Borno State, the captured territory which Boko Haram declared an Islamic Caliphate last Sunday.The ongoing operation is aimed at immediately reclaiming Gwoza and 14 surrounding villages from the insurgents. The terrorists actively resist, as they allegedly blocked access roads to the town making the troops launch “fierce attacks”, The Nation reports with reference to its source.

“Some active military operations are ongoing but we will not talk until we have regained the town and other villages. All I can tell you is that Nigerian troops are capable. They did it in Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, and other places. There is no basis for not dealing with the insurgents at home. We have launched fierce attacks both on land and in the air. We are prepared to reclaim Gwoza from the insurgents who have become tired of Sambisa Forest because the terrain has become marshy.The source also revealed that the insurgents were allegedly using their captives as human shield while fighting against military adding however that their “antics cannot last”.
It was also gathered yesterday that 27 policemen declared missing after Boko Haram attack on the Nigeria Mobile Police Academy in Gwoza, had safely rejoined their units.

According to a source familiar with the situation,

“Following the invasion of the Academy by the insurgents, some of the mobile policemen ran into the bush and they have been trying to find their path in the last few days. Do not forget that some of them are not used to the Gwoza terrain because they are not from the area. They also have to navigate their ways in such a manner that they will not fall victims of Boko Haram. Most often, those who survived Boko Haram attacks have been linking up with their different units through Adamawa State.”

It would be recalled that in the video obtained August 24 by AFP Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau declared Gwoza caliphate, which claim caused hot discussions over its actual meaning.

Considering Shekau’s intentions, experts repeat unanimously that the sect try to copy Islamic State (IS) operating in Iraq and by the declaration seek more media attention, which IS received upon seizing parts of Iraq and Syria in a brutal onslaught.

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