Thursday, 14 August 2014


The corpse was brought into the country at around 11.30 am but was refused entry to the waiting hands of the family of the disease.

The airport authortities told vanguard that their action was in strict compliance with the Presidency’s directive that was made to contain the spread of Ebola virus in the nation.

The source said: “though Egypt is not one of the Country with recognized case of Ebola but in this wise the directive has no exception”.

The deceased was said to be a Nigerian who had traveled to the Pharaoh’s country to seek medical help after falling ill here at home.

“We plead with the family members who had turned up at the Airport to received his corpse to bear with us in the face of a big national question that requires the understanding of citizens to surmount”, the source explained.

Meanwhile Coporate Affairs Manager of the Aviation Authority, Alhaji Yakubu Datti in a telephone rejected confirming or denying the story, he said: "the airport is run by a combination of official drawn from strategic ministries and since your enquiry bothers on health, I would advise you cross check your facts from Federal Ministry of Health”, the Aviation spokesperson said.

The Ebola virus is ravaging through West Africa and has left over 1000 people dead, according to recent World Health Organization statistics.

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