Saturday, 2 August 2014


                                                              Blessing Okagbare wins 200m race in Glasgow
Following the exploits of Nigerian female athletes at the soon to be concluded common wealth games,Nigerian gold medalist at the 1996 olympics has share her view on the reason female athletes did better than their mail counterparts.Read what she has to say.
“The ladies are on top. Women are coachable more than the men. Men are hard to coach and to con­vince. It’s a natural thing. Men have been under our shadows for a long time. It is like taking a horse to the stream. It is difficult to force it to drink water. We've been supporting our male counterparts morally and financially. Yet they are not hungry enough to pull their worth. They need to put their acts together. They need to wake up!’’, Onyali who has been an inspiration to the emerging force of women led by Blessing Okagbare said.
Weightlifting coach Emmanuel Oshomah who also led Maryam Usman to win gold here agrees that women are on the groove over men in Glasgow.

“It has to do with the level of disci­pline and endurance. There are things that women cannot do for a long time. It is not so with men. It is natural. Also, the elasticity level of women are better than men’s. Women tend to start sports earlier than men. This is so because men want to be indepen­dent before embracing sports. And when they enter at old age, once they sustain injury, it takes longer to heal because of age. Don’t forget that men are always fending for themselves’’,  Oshomah said.
I cant seem to want to argue their point but guys what do you think?  

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