Monday, 1 September 2014


Our student sources said the deaths occurred as rival cult gangs on the campus clashed over claims of seniority. On Wednesday, August 27, one student of the College identified as Peter Adetunji was reportedly shot dead by members of the Buccaneers cult, also called Alora. Eyewitnesses said the victim was shot on the head in front of the Student Union Building on the campus. Mr. Adetunji died of severe bleeding arising from the gunshot wound.

Our sources said that another student, who was identified by his alias of Burna Boy, was last Thursday in front of a First Bank Branch at Fadeyi bus stop near the WAEC headquarters. The location of the second killing is in the neighborhood of the college, which is Nigeria’s first major institution of higher learning.Several students who spoke to SaharaReporters said they suspected that the latest victim, Burna Boy, was killed as a revenge attack for Mr. Adetunji’s murder on Wednesday.
Our sources said Peter Adetunji belonged to the Eiye Confraternity while Burna Boy was a member of the Buccaneers.A part-time student at Yaba Tech said he and other students had avoided going to the school since the shooting attacks began in the middle of the week. “We are supposed to commence our examination this weekend, but some of us are afraid that another violent clash may occur,” said the source. He added: “Right now, our prayer is that the authorities at the school shift the examination [schedule] to a time when peace has returned.”
Yaba Tech has been dogged by violent cult clashes over its history. Some students alleged that numerous college officials at Yaba College of Technology are top members, sponsors and financiers of some cult groups. They also accused school officials of victimizing, even sacking, students who dare to protest or speak against the excesses of the cult gangs.
“What the gangs are doing now is score counting. They are now on one-to-one count,” said a student. “We do not know at what score of deaths they will stop at,” he added.
Several students said they had no hope of the cult violence abating unless the Federal Government steps in to fire school administrators and lecturers who are patrons of various cult gangs.

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