Tuesday, 16 September 2014


A smitten Liverpool fan Emma Dalton (pictured left) thought her dreams had come true when the Premier League club’s new signing Mario Balotelli took her to bed. The £16million striker flirted with ­hairdresser online before inviting her to a party at his luxury rented home.That night Balotelli enjoyed a three-hour marathon romp with Emma, 23 – but it soon become clear that starting a new ­relationship was the last thing on his mind. What he was after was more of a training session. While they were having sex the £110,000-a-week Italian told her: “This is nice. It helps my ­football.”

And when the bedroom workout was over he turfed shocked Emma out of his six-bedroom mansion, telling her to take a taxi home in the middle of the night.The furious single mum told a friend: “I know he has a reputation but I thought he’d changed from the things I’d read. He was charming and as far as I know single so I thought, ‘Why not?’ Now I feel stupid,

“I should never have gone to his house but what’s done is done. He was only interested in one thing from me and then wanted me out of the way.”

To add to her humiliation, 24-year-old Balotelli claims he is now trying to rekindle his on-off romance with former fiancèe Fanny Neguesha, 24, who sparked rumours she is pregnant by him after posting an online picture of what looks like a baby bump.

But the soccer bad boy could be red-carded when Fanny finds out he bedded Emma shortly after his transfer from AC Milan to ­Liverpool.

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