Tuesday, 8 July 2014


The Titanic II is being built by Australian mining billionaire Clive Palmer under his company The Blue Star Line. Mashable reports that in 2016, the Titantic II will make the route from Southampton, England to New York, with 2,600 passengers and 900 crew members crew members on board. The ship will be a nearly-exact replica of the original Titanic, expect unlike the original, it will have enough life boats for all those it carries.

Passengers will be given 1920s period costumes to wear, and sticking with that theme, the ship may be sparse on other modern amenities, such as Internet and TV, said Palmer.

“The area for passengers will be authentic with the same design and facilities, but there will be modern things such asair conditioning and other features we are debating, such as Internet on the ship,” Palmer said at the press conference. “I’m against it. I think you should relax on vacation. There won’t be TVs in the state rooms though.” And at 883ft, Titanic II will be three inches longer than its predecessor to accommodate an additional area at the bow where passengers will be able to recreate the iconic ‘Jack and Rose pose’ made famous by actors Leonardo DiCaprioand Kate Winslet in James Cameron’s 1997 Oscar-winning movie.

Ticket prices have yet to be announced, but Palmer said he has an offer for $1 million thus far, reports Mashable.

Personally, I think that the Titanic is cursed, and I wouldn’t want to chance it on the Titanic II. Then again, I still am waiting for my Jack Dawson.

                                                                 Turkish Bath
                                                                Grand staircase


                                                           Radio room
                                                               Smoking room
                                                              Squash court
                                                          Third class cabin
                                    Third class dinning

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