Sunday, 20 July 2014


Dear white men,
u aasked us to wear coats under hot sun we did
u said we should speak your language, we have obediently ignored ours. 
U asked us to always tie a rope around our necks like goats, we have obeyed without quesioning.
U asked our ladies to wear dead people's hair instead of the natural hair God gave to them, they have obeyed. 
U said we should just marry one woman in the midst of plenty black angels, we reluctantly agreed. 
U said our decent girls should wear catapults instead of the conventional pants, they have obeyed. 
U asked us to use rubber in order to control our birth rate, w U want MEN to sleep with MEN & WOMEN to sleep with fellow WOMAN, So that GOD would punish us like SODOM & GOMORA. 
White folk, we say NONSENSE! We don't agree with u this time! Proudly African, we said huge NO!!! to gay relationships. If u say NO to HOMOSEXUALS & LESBIAN, type NO!!!!!!!!!!

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