Friday, 18 July 2014


The now vigilant and cautious managers were talking to reporters from NAN, and came from Jabi, Peace and ABC parks.Regional Manager of Peace Motor Company, Mr David Okoroafor said that his management team has made security a priority now in the park and has started screening potential customers so as to ensure his customers feel safe around the vicinity.

He said: “There is a police unit already in the park; this is part of the measures we have applied to reinforce our security in addition to our private security guards.

“We also screen the cars and pedestrians properly with our scan equipment to make sure that at least items carried by people are explosives-free.’’

Okoroafor revealed his shock at the recent attack in the nation’s capital and asked the relevand security details to try and check terror activities in the state.

Meanwhile, Assistant Manager of Ekesons Transport, Mr Okonkwo Eugene, told journalists that his company has now implemented the security tips given to them when they met with security operatives.
He said: “We do not allow overnight parking of vehicles in our motor park, particularly by unknown persons. We constantly scan vehicles, conduct thorough search on passengers and their bags in our environment.

“If you take a thorough look, you will agree with me that there are no containers and abandoned vehicles in the park.

“These were the major security tips given to us by the security operatives at the meeting we had with them and we are working with that,’’ Eugene said.

Back at Nyanya Motor Park, commuters have asked the FCT authorities to give them a new and improved park that will reduce the dangers they faced last time.One particular commuter Mr Emmanuel Eboh said: “I am not satisfied with the risks being faced by civil servants and other members of the public on the Nyanya axis.

“I urge the Federal Government and the FCT administration to provide a secured environment for commuters to board vehicles to the metropolis.’’ 

These new security measures are being implemented to avoid a further repeat of the April 14th 2014 bombing of Nyanya by terror group Boko Haram.

Boko Haram acted through one of its cell leaders, Aminu Ogwuche. Ogwuche had allegedly dropped a bomb off in the night of April 13 and, by the 14, with commuters going to work, he detonated it. The blast resulted in the death of over 70 innocent people.

Ogwuche then flew to Sudan where he was arrested and only recently brought to Nigeria to face the hard arm of the law.

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