Thursday, 31 July 2014


Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) Frank Mba explained why terrorists were using female suicide bombers and spoke about the new strategy police employed to fight their new tactics.Following several attacks carried out in a similar manner Mba yesterday said to journalists:

“Established international terror organisations use female suicide bombers, the major reason is because women generally raise fewer suspicion, particularly when there are security layers. If you have been following the trend of terrorism worldwide, you will understand that the use of a female suicide bomber is not new. But, it is a new trend in our own part of the world.”

NAN adds that the police was responding with the new counter-terrorism tactics and strategies:

“By our rules of engagement and by our culture too, male security operatives generally are not allowed to search females.You will see increase in female security personnel on roads and in other places where stop and search exercises are being carried out.”

Thus the PPRO explained that Nigerians should be aware of that and prepared to seeing women officers and operatives.It would be recalled that a wave of ghastly explosions has rocked the country within a 3-day period:

July 30, Kano

Female bomber blows herself up in the attack on Kano Islamic Legal Studies college; from 3 to 6 people are killed according to various official sources.

July 29, Yobe

Terrorists bomb two mosques in Potiskum town using female suicide bombers, with latest reports saying that 17 people were killed in the attack.

July 28, again Kano

Two blasts, one launched at NNPC Mega Filling Station at Hotoro Quarter and shortly after that another blast at a Trade Fair complex near Shoprite mall. Both explosives were detonated with the use of female bombers.

Although no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks, it is believed that the dreaded Boko Haram sect internationally confirmed as a terrorist group is to blame.
I think that boko haram are using our kidnaped girls as human bombs someone should please stop this madness.What do you think?

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