Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Just days after comic actor John Okafor akaMr. Ibu told press that the president of theActors Guild of Nigeria (AGN)Ibinabo Fiberesima has failed in her administration, leaving most actors unhappy, another veteranOkey Ogbu is admitting to that adding that even interested presidential candidate, Clarion Chukwura cannot help the fate of Nollywood.
In a recent interview with The Leadership, theAGN Kano State chapter chairman revealed the current president's “programs and policies were created to favor just the elite actors”.
He didn't end there. Ogbu added that Nollywood stakeholder, Clarion Chukwurawho has been at loggerhead with Ibinabo Fiberesima is only trying to take advantage of the lapses created by the incumbent so she grab power, tagging the duo as “birds of the same feather”.
Courtesy of LEADERSHIP :

What is your beef with the national leadership of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN)? My grouse with the national leadership is that things are not working as they should and literarily they have failed the Guild. It won’t be out of place to say AGN is dead and waiting to be buried. I refer to Madam President, Ibinabo Fiberesima as president of established actors, because most of her programmes and policies are to the benefit of this class of actors. You see that up and coming actors and actresses who form the bulk of the membership of the Guild are not recognized. There is no programme in place to locate, train and encourage the upcomers to the trade...
...A top Nollywood stakeholder, Clarion Chukwura who have been at loggerheads with the national president of recent, do you think this is healthy for the industry, especially over issues she raised?
For me, I do not think Clarion Chukwura can offer more than what we have now, because like I said before,I see her as a rabble-rouser who simply wants to take advantage of Ibinabo’s mal-administration to vie for the presidency. She would not be different so I don’t see her aspiration or what she says as an issue. So, let us forget this Chukwura thing. I respect her as a thoroughbred professional, but on this issue of politics, AGN politics, I think she just wants to get national relevance because of the misfortune of bad leadership that we have. What I think all right thinking stakeholders should do is to advice the present executive to sit up and do what is right, and not how to seize power from it. It has not gotten to that yet. It should not be a government of, wWinner-takes-all. They should carry everyone along; especially on issues that directly affects them. What we need is an open government, which would accommodate everyone.

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