Friday, 4 July 2014


Over 5 BRT buses were set on fire by allege Nigerian soldiers along Ikorodu Road in Lagos as one of the buses hit and killed another soldier this morning, July 4.
According to witnesses, an unidentified soldier was riding a bicycle to work when the BRT bus knocked him down at the Palmgrove bus stop.
However, Public Relations Officer of the Nigerian Army, Gen. Olajide Olaleye, stated that it wasn’t Nigerian soldiers who carried out the rampage.
"It’s not true that soldier destroyed buses or set any bus on fire," he said. "What happened was that a BRT bus knocked down a soldier and killed him. As usual in Lagos so area boys gathered and a few soldiers stopped at the scene as well. The GOC has dispatched military policemen to the scene to help restore law and order."
According to previous reports, soldiers at the Abalti Barrack were alerted immediately after the accident. Thus, the road at Palmgrove was blocked by the soldiers as they began to vandalise every BRT in sight, causing a massive traffic.
It was gathered that when the soldiers didn’t see the driver, they went mad and started rampaging. This denial is a slap on the face of lagosians who witness the ordeal and Lagos state government whose properties were destroyed. Don't get me wrong the lose of our precious soldier is very tragic but two wrongs don't make a right.

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