Thursday, 3 July 2014


Here is what is left of a bridge made of steel and plankknown as 'Igwu' bridge in Ndi Ebe Abam town in Arochukwu LGA Abia State. This is the access bridge that the people rely on for business and to go forth and come back. From the look of it,it  must have been built  by the community just to help themselves and here all hopes are dashed.
The villagers are all appealing to Arochukwu LGA Chairman and the state government for assistance.But my question is do these people have to plead with any government agency? Dont we have voters from this community? Even if they don't vote,voting is a thing of choice and here are Nigerians who have empowered some people to lead them begging for simple basic amenities.This is pathetic. What do you think?

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